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Anthony Evans

The undeniable vocals of Anthony Evans Lyrics, which are my next featured great gospel song lyrics by this artist, we here at soulful-gospel-music-lyrics welcome you once again my friends and Soldiers in Christ. Check out this page and you will find fresh and encouraging words from the great and up coming vocalist Anthony Evans.

Anthony Evans Lyrics began to gain a fresh and new understanding in the music industry. This brand of undeniable gospel music from this vocalist was first sang as added background music for great singing sensation-Kirk Franklin.

Recognized widely for their dynamic vocal presence, Anthony Evans lyrics are a joyful expression of passionate faith and insatiable thirst to understand matters that are important in relationship to God.

These undeniable facts about Anthony Evans Lyrics gave birth to the style of songs and music that is strictly a comforting presense to our lives.

(note)-/Evans co-wrote nine of the album's ten gospel Lyrics by partnering with top writers, including Matthew West, Michael Boggs, Chad Cates, Ben Glover and Jason Ingram.

Gaining grace from not just being sung by this vocalist, but as a christian ministry to others and trusting God to hold onto us unconditionally, this should and can be something that is note-worthy and undeniable in ones life. With that said, the trust that this set of fresh lyrics has, has inspired the Anthony Evans Lyrics to encourage others to solidify their walk with God.

Here on this page you will find lyrics by the great and up and coming super singer, Anthony Evans. So, let the praising in gospel songs and lyrics begin, and let's move on to some undeniably sensational gospel songs from the list of Anthony Evans Lyrics.

Below you're going to find the gospel lyrics listed in the order from the songs listed above.

1. Anthony Evans Lyrics, Good Enough
2. Anthony Evans Lyrics, I Choose Now
3. Anthony Evans Lyrics, Before You
4. Anthony Evans Lyrics, Letting Go
5. Anthony Evans Lyrics, Restore Me
6. Anthony Evans Lyrics, Be Still
7. Anthony Evans Lyrics, One
8. Anthony Evans Lyrics, You Know My Name
9. Anthony Evans Lyrics, Fearless
10. Anthony Evans Lyrics, I Love You

Be Blessed and Enjoy!

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{Anthony Evans}

Good Enough Lyrics

Hold on you got the wrong guy
And I'm wondering why you don't seem to see
The job at hand needs a better man
But for some crazy reason you're calling me
Overwhelmed and underprepared
It's written on my face
I'm scared
But I then I hear you call out to me.

You don't have to be
Good enough
This love is for free
And it's more than enough
I will be your strength
In all you say
In all you do
My love will make you good enough.

You don't have to be capable
Just be avaiable to follow where I lead
Whatever, whenever, wherever
Oh, you'll never believe all the things you can do through me
So when the big world makes you feel small
Hold your head up high and walk tall
'cause this is where the good news begins.


Blessed are the poor
They will inherit the earth
And the weak, in him you'll find your true worth
He says come all you weary
Come get closer to me
You don't have to be good enough.


Athony Evans-His Journey

{Anthony Evans}

I Choose Now Lyrics

Verse 1:
I don't want tragedy to be the only thing
That leads me to your thone
With every moment of my life
Pain or joy, I will cry
You are God alone
You've given me the choice to kneal or walk away
I've struggled with surrender long enough to say.

I choose now
To be humbled in your presence
I choose now
To fall on my face
'Cause one day
Every knee will bow But Jesus, I choose now.

Verse 2:
I have the scars I can't deny
From thoughtless words and foolish times
But you still forgave
I wandered down a thousand roads
Lost my way but you led me home
Where I was safe
I know Heaven is a gift of your grace
But until I see your face.

I choose now
To be humbled in your presence
I choose now
To fall on my face
'Cause one day
Every knee will bow
But Jesus, I choose...

To glorify your name
That's why I was made
To worship and obey
I won't wait.


{Anthony Evans}

Before You Lyrics

Before you
I was always falling
Sometimes even crawling
With nothing to hold on to
Before you
I was searching for something
To make my life worth living
But nothing could satisfy.

Before you
Standing in your glory
I just want to thank you
For all you've done for me
Before you
I offer you my worship
Now I can stand forgiven
And free
Cause I'm not the man I used to be
Before you.

I'm humbled by your mercy
And staggered by your beauty
Honored by your love for me
Before you
Angels raised their anthem
And I will gladly join them
In lifting up my praise.
Before you Standing in your glory
I just wanna thank you
For all you've done for me.


Before you
I lay down my life
As an offering
I'm not the man I used to

{Anthony Evans}

Letting Go Lyrics

Behind your disguise
I see in your eyes
Something has left you wounded
I don't have the answers to all of your tears
But you're not abandoned Here.

He knows where you are
He's been there too
When you can't go on
He'll carry you through
When you're losing hope
He's still in control
He's never letting you
He's never letting of you.

So The damage is done
And you try to move on
Still you're empty-handed
While this isn't your home
I want you to know
You don't walk alone.


He's never letting go
Of your situation
In the face of the unknown
He's right there
Look deep into your heart
For His reflection
And don't go
Please, don't let go.

Chorus (x2)

I don't have the answers to all of your tears
But you're not abandoned here.

{Anthony Evans}

Restore Me Lyrics

Anthony Evans, Ginny Owens

On the outside
You think I'm alright
There's a smile on my face
Everything's okay
But on the inside there's a different story
I've tumbled down this road
And I've got so for the go
I'm a broken man
On my knees again
Longing for a touch from you
I need your hand to

Restore me
I need your mercy
Take me
To the place I used to be
Use all the pain and the hurt
To do a greater work and
Restore me

I wore my mask
Running away from my past
Hiding all my scars
Thinking I'd gone too far
But he knew my pain
And He loved me just the same
He promised I'd be free
If I fell on my knees and cried


Restore unto me the joy of my salvation
So I'll sing again the song you wrote for me
Give me a clean heart I want a brand new start
Like the moment when I first believed


{Anthony Evans}

Be Still Lyrics

Anthony Evans, Ginny Owens, Dan Muckala

Always thought you wouldn't love me
Just the way I am
So I tried to satisfy you
I didn't understand
How misguided I was in my search to know you love
I was working hard in all the wrong ways
Living life chaotically never sitting at your feet
Until you taught me the true meaning of grace

Be still there is peace
In your arms I am free
My heart is all you want from me
So I will be still

It's so crazy yet so amazing
Now I finally see
I tried to do my best for you when
All you wanted was me
You saw right through my foolishness
Never loved me any less
Waiting with your arms opened wide
Now I'm no longer afraid
I know your love for me won't change
It took me so long but now I've realized


Here I am distractions aside
Wanting you to change my life I'm
Resting in your relentless love
I've finally found that you are enough

Chorus 2X

{Anthony Evans}

The One Lyrics

Anthony Evans, Chris Eaton

For so long I tried to please
Everyone around me
I didn't realize
I was wasting so much time
Always trying to achieve
Everything they asked of me
But no matter how much
It was never enough
I tried everything I had all that I knew
To give away what I should only give to you

You're the One who made the sacrifice
The only One who paid the highest price
And for the One I know will live my life
Let everything said and done be for the one

Well done my faithful son
Those are the words I long
I long to hear from you
Only from you
Show me the road to take
Let no part of me get in the way
All that I want is that your will be done
Keep me faithful and true to your heart
May I never forget who you are


For the One who suffered and died
For the One who gave me new life
To the One I will life up my eyes


{Anthony Evans}

You Know My Name Lyrics

Anthony Evans, Bernie Herms, Natalie Grant

There been times when I couldn't see
What you had in store for me and
There been many time when I didn't know
Which way or where to go
Times I walked around head hanging down
Full of insecurity
Wanting to find out what this life's about
But you told me to wait and see cause

You hold the stars in place
Order time and space
And yet you know my name
You hold me in your hand help me understand
Your love will never change
Cause you know my name

I've wondered why every time I try
I just seem to lose my way
Nothing's making sense and at my own expense
It's a heavy price to pay
But your always there taking all my cares
So ready to be my friend
Every where I go I know
There's no place you haven't been


As I walk this road I'm not alone,
You're always beside me
My life you own my fear is gone
Cause now I believe

You know my name
Your love never changes
It's always the same (repeat)


{Anthony Evans}

Fearless Lyrics

Anthony Evans, Peter Kipley

Been thinking bout the choices I make
Do I listen to your voice Lord or go my own way
Will I have more excuses today
Or will I give you my life so you'll

Use me and through me your name will be blessed
I want to give it and live it
For you and nothing less
Don't wanna hide I've decided to give you my best
Make me fearless

I want to show the world who you are
Following your footsteps no matter how far
This is the prayer of my heart
So now I give you my life so you'll


I am unafraid
I am unashamed
Fearless I've been made
I'll never be the same

Chorus 2X

{Anthony Evans}

I Love You Lyrics

Anthony Evans, David Mullen, Richie Pena, Ziggy Diaz

I like clear blue skies
Mountains high just livin life and
I like my family being with me
Laughing hysterically
I like finding you
In the everyday things I do
Yet with all that you create
Nothing could ever take your place cause

I love you
For love you've given me so freely
I always will
More than songs I sing more than anything
I love you
More than life in me or the air I breathe
And I can't wait until that final day
When I see your face
Hope it won't be long

I like that every night when I see the stars
I see your eyes and
I like with a brand new start everyday
I see your heart and
I want to be your man take a step
And see your hand
With all this joy inside
There's no way I could deny


Everything you made for me and everything I've got
Well it's just your way of sending me forget me nots
Every tender mercy every brand new day
With every thing you've done for me I just have to say
I love you

Chorus 2X

Don't miss out on this up and coming artist, he's definately destined for great things. Come back often for some fresh up-dated songs of praise and remember Take a deep breath, relax and Be Blessed!

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