Christian Rap - Songs For A Hip Hop Generation

holy mic

Christian rap goes by many name or forms, some of which are ,hip hop gospel songs, Holy Hip Hop or Gospel rap. The goal of this form of rap is to reach our generation of youth.

Who would have thought that this rap form of gospel music under the banner of gospel rap would have reached the point where it is included in an official Grammy category, would (along with Gospel Rock Music) account for 25% of Gospel music sales and that Christian MCs would be included on national tours with platinum selling artists? I suppose God moves in many forms, including this one.

Question? How do we reach the young generation with the influence of rap, outside of the normal faith based society box, and yet maintain the balance between being "of the Lord" or "of the world?"

Answer: Christian songs with rap influences! This new genre of rap takes hip hop--the rapping, the DJ-ing,the hyped rhythms and makes it worship-worthy.

This particular stlye of rap is a form of hip hop music which uses spiritual themes to express the songwriter's faith in Christ. while the audience is typically believers in Christ, the music is also used in missions work for the purpose of evangelization.

These songs have a strong message that is easily translated into the language of a new generation. There are many cool sites out there, if one is in search of them, for the holy hip hop inclined youth, here are a few gospel rap sites:

Sites like Rapzilla and are premium and known destinations for Christian Hip-Hop. exceeded 140,000 Digital Downloads in 2006. Gospel hip hop themed videos and DVDs are also increasing in availability and popularity.

Check it out! Here is a hit list of some of today's hottest Gospel Rap artists.

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