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Military gospel songs are an encouragement, soothing balm and up-lifting word for our Troops. As it is said in the book of Psalms: "Weeping may endure for a night, but Joy comes in the morning." So let the singing begin... Gospel style!"

Gospel songs have a calming power when you are anxious or worried, and has the power to allow you to appreciate what you have instead of what you don't, when you are envious or jeolous or just when you need a word.

It gives hope for the future when you are hopeless and joy in world of upheval. There is awesome power on awakening the soul and reviving the spirit and finding comfort in gospel songs.

Today, nearly everyone has a Christmas project, new release album, organization that they are affiliated with, a catalog or some special project going on.

But what about our Military Troops. In today's world it is easy to loose sight of the reason why our lives are at peace and easy for most.

Our Military is a big factor of our family and friends security.

The boys and gals fighting for our country-(Our Troops) can always use a little up-lifting and touches from home and a few Military gospel songs.

Now with that said, let's give them exactly that. Here are a couple of military gospel songs that I thought would give them some encouragement and to let them know how much they are greatly appreciated, that God is still at their side, and "He" is absolutely able. God is my rock Enjoy these lyrics and remember to pray for our troops.

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1. Rejoice Today Lyrics
Hezekiah Walker

2. Leave It There
Pastor Melissa Scott

3. I Was Made A Christian
John Jones

4. Gonna be a lovely day
Kirk Franklin

5. Alone In The Presence
CeCe Winans

6. "Imagine Me"

7. Now Behold The Lamb Lyrics
Artist(Band):Kirk Franklin

8. Saved lyrics
Jann Arden


10. Amazing Grace
(Various Artists)

11. I Know I've Been Changed
Staple Singers

13. Let it Rise
William Murphy

14. In The Arms Of An Angel
Sarah McLachlan

Continually pray for our Troops and their families and check back often or leave word for some lyrics that you would like to see added to this page.

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God Bless you, and you and you into infinity!

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