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Gospel music videos and the Internet has become a powerful tool to spread the faith and let those who are non-Christians experience Christian gospel music through sites that offer Christian legal music download.

“…Freely ye have received, freely give.” (Matthew 10:8). This is the basic philosophy behind the proliferation of Christian legal music download.

Check out these soul stirring gospel videos of praise

"I can make this journey" - Richard Smallwood and Kim Burrell

Where before, Christian music was limited to the four walls of the Church where only members of the congregation could listen and enjoy. Now anyone and everyone can hear and appreciate the songs of joy and faith composed and written by gospel music artists and Christian musicians.

At this site you will find some great gospel music videos that you can enjoy and Christian legal music downloads for free for your listening pleasure at home.

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Gospel videos and Christian legal music downloads at gospelmusicchannel.com presents:

The gospel music channel website. This is home to original free Christian legal music download. This site offers free Christian MP3 songs that are nothing short of entertaining as musicians and soloists rap, and belt out Bible-inspired songs.


Encourage Yourself - by Donald Lawrence

Legal gospel music videos and downloads at Godtube.com

Godtube.com is a Christian music site that is the equivalent to youtube.com but with a Christian theme base. Features of this site are free Christian MP3 songs for download.

"Never Would Have Made It" by Marvin Sapp

Legal gospel music video-0p;. downloads at ShareSong.org

ShareSong.org is a nonprofit site that is dedicated to offering free Christian MP3 songs and music to listeners from all over the world. The site provides a place for Christian songwriters who want to share their songs to other people but were unable to find a way of distributing their work.

Now with the advent of Internet-technology and the World Wide Web, these same songwriters can now share their gifts with other people by offering free Christian MP3 songs at ShareSong.org.

"Imagine me" by Kirk Franklin

Christian legal music downloads at www.gospellyrics.info/gospel-video/index.php

This is another amazing site that offers free Christian MP3 songs. Here you can find an assortment of free Christian MP3 songs, lyrics, music sheets, and more. In addition, Audio Music also offers songs from various genres which you can download or listen to for free.

I know this is an out of the ordinary video, but I felt that someone would be able to relate to this and could use the encouragement such as I did, my soul was moved...

Other amazing sites are:




Check out this amazing gospel music video brought to you by the legendary Hezekiah Walker:

"Let's Dance"
by Pastor Hezekiah Walker
from the album Family Affair

Be sure and stay tuned in as I add more great videos to this page.


Guess what? Here are the newest in gospel videos of 2009 from hot new artist Greg O'Quin and MaryMary(respectively).

Can you feel it? God is call, can you hear Him?

Listen as Yolanda Adams sings about the All Mighty and His sweet "Victory", this video is from her gospel album "Day by Day"...Enjoy this amazingly uplifting video.

I Got The Victory- Yolanda Adams

"God In Me" by MaryMary

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